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You might stifle our words but not our Spirit


"Verbose oratory, a penchant for grandiloquence, and an unwavering commitment to conservative principles: these are hallmarks of one who espouses the virtues of free speech. For in a society where anarchy reigns and tyranny persists, the only defense against oppression is the unbridled expression of thought and opinion.

Peroration on the subject of free speech must begin with a discourse on the fundamental nature of human existence. For are we not, as rational beings, imbued with the inalienable right to articulate our thoughts, to share our perspectives, to dissent from popular opinion? Indeed, it is this very ability to dissent that separates humankind from the animal kingdom, elevating us to a plane of existence where reason and logic reign supreme.

And yet, in spite of this inherent right, there are those who would seek to stifle free speech, silence dissenting voices, to impose their will upon the masses. These despots, these tyrants, would have us believe that the only path to order and stability is through the suppression of individual autonomy. But make no mistake, such a path leads only to darkness, to a world where creativity and innovation are stifled, where progress is hindered, and where freedom is but a fleeting illusion.

In defense of this freedom, we must remain vigilant and reject the siren song of those who would have us forsake our liberty in exchange for the false promises of security and stability. Make no mistake, true security and stability can only be achieved through the preservation of free speech.

To this end, let us embrace the power of language, let us wield the pen as a sword, and let us never be afraid to speak truth to power. For it is only through the free and open exchange of ideas that we can hope to vanquish tyranny, to promote progress, and to create a society where freedom and justice reign supreme."

One can only hope that both sides lower their shields long enough to recognize we are ALL human.

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