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There is greatness all around us....

As I finish Monday's show under a beautiful blue sky here in the LowCountry, I can't help but marvel at greatness all around me. I'm not just talking about the weather, the beach, or the fabulous food, I'm talking about the human element. The individual, yeah, that person standing next to you in the checkout line (maintaining social distancing of course),the guy pumping fuel, the person that gives you an easy nod as you walk by. Each different, each carrying their own load of thoughts these are the things that make up greatness. We interviewed the leadership team from Osprey Village today and I am Gobsmacked at the level of hard work and sacrifice to meet their vision for those that have up to now, been marginalized in our society. Osprey Village is a developing neighborhood of homes/apartments to be used as a stop-over by those adults afflicted with developmental disabilities. They will have their own homes to live in, every case will be evaluated as to the level of focused care needed, parks to walk in, pools to swim in. This step in normalcy will create the bridge of self esteem to connect residents with the community at large.

That's what I mean when I say greatness is all around us. Until today, I did not realize the plight of those that possess hearts bigger than Texas are going to enjoy their own neighbor with families and caregivers close by. Each of us have something to add to this world, a small gesture of kindness may make a person's day or in the case of Osprey Village, it could change a life forever.

To give to Osprey Village go to: or visit Osprey Village Thrift store in Okatie or Hilton Head to shop/support this heartwarming project.

Osprey Village is a 501(c)3 charity.

See ya in the air,


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