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Updated: May 6, 2020

Well, we've been working hard and doing the research, but still can't get any love from the daily journals or local magazines. Even the free papers have abandoned us, wait to be abandoned you first have to be accepted at some level, let's say they've ignored us. There is always hope. Now being in business since October 2019 and having a viable Press Release since say, January 2020 has yielded absolutely not one sentence of press. Although we did read several newsy like stories about the new chicken-salad lady that came to town in her brand spanking new franchise. Hey, who doesn't like chicken salad?! And who could forget the heist of the century; a trailer was stolen with lawn cutting equipment inside, 4 weeks ago, the story made is round three appearance today. To be fair, it was equipment used by special talent individuals, sorry for your loss, but three stories about the same thing...I don't know how many trailer you guys have?

Sound bitter? Yes, sort of... maybe....

I've personally sent emails to reporters, retired owners of papers that assured me its a good story for local business. Crickets. Well I've kept a positive outlook for as long as I can about this situation, yet I can't help but get the distinct feeling that because of our content we are getting stonewalled. The radar doesn't have to be powered-up that high to concluded based on content in the newspapers we are on the other team. Our POV's are demonstratively Conservative in nature, yet civil enough to accept those with opposing views not as "enemies" but, worthy warriors of their own opinions. We aren't interested in calling people out and wouldn't ever intentionally embarrass or shipwreck someone's reputation. Some subjects can be and are very emotional, no doubt, but, we'll be the first to call uncle. You win.

I truly hope this delay in getting just a small polite hug from print media is just that a delay. I remain hopeful that word makes it out TalkOne Radio is a good place to hash out whatever is on your mind. Running a business under any circumstances is a huge challenge, now with CCP virus it becomes very difficult. We will remain in operations for along as we can, please Print, don't shipwreck us because we differ in opinion. We're gonna make you proud one day, I promise you. Just treat us like the chicken salad lady and nobody gets hurt....I kid, I kid.

We love ya LowCountry,

Alan Flowers

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