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I lost the Big Tuna!!

Yeah that's right, I thought that I was on to something huge when I causally mentioned to Mr. Herbkersman's and Mr. Coverts FaceBook that why don't we have a radio debate on TalkOne Radio?! Yeah, doesn't that sound great?...picture me jumping up and down in my Pj', WOW how cutting edge. Hmmmm, no, not really, I felt like the new kid at the dance and would soon find out that politics are for big boys not dreamers. I started following Mr. Covert when he squared off against Joe Cunningham for Congress. Mr. Herbkersman, I understood he was the incumbent. I have never met either of these gentlemen. I would get acquainted with them through email, many of them. We never could agree on the terms or many details of the debate and Mr. Herbkersman bowed out in favor of the Beaufort County Republican Party forum. I pointed out that we could also field questions from residents. Mr. Covert was not in favor of Party oversight. So, it was cancelled.

Boy, oh boy, we had the big kahuna right up to the boat....and BAM, the line broke!. It would have been a huge feather in the cap for TalkOne Radio that's for sure. However, being as naive as I am in the political arena, I feel lucky to escape with all my digits Thanks to both gentlemen for indulging me and a cat-nap of a dream to have this debate. I should have acknowledged the gorilla in the room (Beaufort Republican Party) before cutting the dock lines. Dusting my own house before approaching anyone to debate anything would've helped. I learned. You do not grow if you don't scrape your knee or fall down from time to time.

I'll be talking to both parties down the road I'm sure, separately of course. And both are welcomed on TalkOne Radio anytime. Maybe in a couple years I'll be ready for a turn at the wheel, who knows?! After all, I'm just a voter.

Be well.

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