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A Nation Weeps

Murder. A word is a many car train of sadness and destruction that paralyzes families and stuns nations when placed under the magnifying glass of the media. Recent horrible murders that have ignited a bon fire of emotions from all Americans, an anomaly not reflective of our nation or people. I offer no excuse for those perpetrators that will feel the swift justice of our courts. As a former LEO, I'm left with stunned disappointment as I watched the Floyd tape. Why didn't those other officers intercede? The man was handcuffed on the ground! Control was certainly assured. The Arbrey killing in Georgia was pure vigilantism. A retired LEO and son, took it upon themselves to affect a "citizens arrest" for what? Trespassing? And they brought out their guns for what purpose? What is a black man to think when a pick-up truck pulls in front of you and a guy jumps out with a shotgun. It becomes fight or flight in a millisecond. Arbrey grabbed the barrel in an effort to save his life (which I surmise he felt in mortal danger), THREE shots later his life was gone. Sick.

Just as we cannot understand or filter out the "why's" in a mass shooting or the heinous crimes, these two examples of pure evil will have to go into the unexplainable category. It would be a simple matter to chalk this all up to racism or hatred but I am not member of that school. For you see, I truly believe in my heart of hearts that regardless of your color or creed, our nation has its soul intact. The patchwork quilt that covers us is bound by strong tenders of trust, forgiveness, and hope for our future. I pray that God consoles those families that have lost loved ones and delivers a calming peace to this country and its leaders.

Let's move forward...together. Do not forget there is evil in the shadows of some peoples minds which no light can reach. We are a strong nation of good people, broad brushing serves no purpose other than to fan the flames. Reach out for each other, the hill is steep, but our resolve will get us to the top....together.

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