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Alan Flowers

Executive Producer & Host

Roman Surroundings

Senior Producer

The Creators

Learning his craft while serving in the USAF and Army, Alan has always been interested in communications. From working the local Armed Forces Radio station while in the timbers of Alaska to directing airplanes as a Air Traffic Controller for the Federal Aviation Administration for 33 years. Alan also continued his community service as a Logan County Deputy Sheriff for several years, this allowed him to connect with people from all walks of life in good and bad situations. These interactions developed a easy and persuasive ability to talk to anyone. 


His educational chops span the country as he moved about with the job. He proudly attended Medaille College in Buffalo, NY. His management training included Six Sigma certification and attendance in the Darden School of Business, Executive Education Program, UVA. Graduated from the Center for Management Development, DOT/FAA Palm Coast, Fla. 


Supported by a lovely family and a more than understanding spouse. Without their encouragement I would still be tied up to the dock!.


It is my hope that with this communications platform we can alleviate some doubt, calm some anxiety, and pursue the truth together. And if all goes according to plan; have some laughs and a smile at the end of the day.

Roman has always been told that he has never met a stranger. He enjoys having verbal exchanges with people pretty much anywhere.

As a young man, growing up in Brooklyn, New York his formal education was limited to being a high school graduate. Then Uncle Sam entered his life with a draft notice, which made a significant change.  Instead of being drafted, he enlisted and served three years in the Army, and came out a more well-rounded person.

Roman has been living in the Low Country for close to fifteen years, and loves every minute of it.  He welcomes the chance to get even more involved with the people of this area, and beyond. This will be a vehicle for our listeners to voice their feelings and opinions while always respecting the feelings of others, and having a good time while doing it. 


"Thank you, Alan, and Roman, for giving voice to Jessie and victims of violence everywhere. Such a gift to me to share her story with others and try to make her life and death count for something good".

Dr. Buck Blodgett

Executive Director, The LOVE>hate Project

END violence against women. Choose LOVE over hate.

Facebook: The Love>hate Project